One of the most original and eclectic Italian bands, “The Vince Chiarelli Band” has entertained audiences from coast to coast. They have been acclaimed for their unique sound, which gives their audience a taste of traditional Italian music with their own modern twist and a Lain flair. The band’s popularity is credited to their unique mix and arrangements of classic Italian favorites, intertwined with romantic Italian ballads, Italian-American favorites and enticing bossa nova and flamenco rhythms. Audiences will be captivated by the band’s own self-described genre of “Flamenco Italiano,” which has revitalized the excitement of Italian music.

“The Vince Chiarelli Band” was started by Vince Chiarelli in order to continue the legacy left by his grandfather, Vince Chiarelli Sr., a Sicilian immigrant who achieved national success in the music business as a songwriter and musician. In March of 1967, Vince Chiarelli Sr. started a record label that Vince runs today. Vince grew up hearing stories of his grandfather playing in Nashville and his heavy involvement in the Chicago music scene. In Italy, Vince Sr. played with Franco Li Causi, the famous Italian musician known in the U.S. for his music in the Godfather movies. Vince studied this type of music and continues to embrace the authentic Italian-American style of music, while also putting his own unique twist.

It has been over 50 years since Vince Chiarelli Sr.’s music shook the walls the of The Barn Recording Studios in Nashville where he recorded his hits of the 60’s. Vince Chiarelli is continuing to play his grandfather’s songs and other Italian standards that influenced him, so that he can continue to show the influence Italian music and culture has had on American popular music. When people think of Italian music, the first thing they may think of is opera, or perhaps the music that their grandparents would listen to. While “The Vince Chiarelli Band” pays homage to Italian music and its culture, know that they are not your grandmother’s Italian music.

Video produced by Our City, Our Story, of Rockford, IL, about Vince and his grandfather